Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Evony made me write this and I didnt' even get a reward. Evony sucks. Seriously, don't play Evony.

So, I was thinking about getting back into blogging and then I realized- all my free time goes to a game called Evony. If you haven't heard about Evony and you surf the web on a regular basis, I'd be very surprised. Their banners are ALL OVER. Usually techie/funny media sites, but I always see them up.

The game is basically a flash-based war game played in real time- the game continues whether you are there or not. You try and get up to 10 cities, build armies, and attack enemies. It starts off very simple, you have a tiny city that produces a tiny amount of resources. You are able to set one building to building and upgrading at a time, along with one research skill. The buildings allow you to produce troops, move them around faster, produce resources faster, ect. Research skills allow for faster troop movement, better attack, better defense, and most importantly- faster build time. Done right, one can advance rapidly. After you are happy with the set up of your current city, you can make or take over others, up to 10. Seems like its easy? Not at all! A decent amount of intelligence and math are required, though there are guides that will help you if you desire.

The big draw of this game is the social aspect- everybody can join alliances where strong friendships are formed. I would not be surprised to hear that people have met their partners in the game. There is a lot of chat in active alliances. This makes the game much more interesting than a normal flash based game.

The game is FREE. That's right. FREE. I've been playing for months now and haven't spent a dime. Of course, if you want some advantages you can pay for items to move your cities around, produce quicker, heal more troops, and so on. But it isn't necessary. A good player doesn't need to pay.

Here are some useful tips in no particular order:
1. Join an alliance right away! You will be safe from attack for 7 days, but after that anyone can attack you! Join a big alliance with a heavy presence where you are, and you should be safe.
2. Build defenses. I recommend at least 1 thousand abatis and 100 of everything else except Archer Towers- you should have around 16 thousand of those. They are very strong and can withstand large attacks when you have enough of them.
2. Maintain large armies. Try to have at least 50 thousand archers and pikemen in each city. That way, your archers are safe from "scout bombs" (someone attacking you with 100 thousand scouts) as they will hit the pikemen and not your valuble archers! This game is all about archers. Archers in large enough numbers can do serious damage to any city or defend from any attack.
3. Feed your troops! 2 or 3 times a day send out "farming runs" consisting of 600 balista and 400 transporters. Farming runs are attacks that wipe out Non Player Characters and steal their valuable food. Check the forums for more advice on this, as technology levels heavily influence how you farm for food.

If anybody wants to join my alliance I am in server 4 and my name is Adatan. Come and we can be addicted together :)

Back in the U.S.

So, I find it hilarious that my last post affirmed my desire to start blogging again. At the time, I was in Ecuador and could have continued blogging. I became too Ecuadorian though. I lived, worked, and thought as one. So I was no longer able to look at the country from an outside perspective and enjoy commenting on its many quirks and differences. Thus my blog has died. I write this entry only so that any wandering soul who comes across my blog might understand what has happened.

I do miss Ecuador, though, terribly. Adjusting to life back in the United States was harder than I ever thought it would be, it took months. There are too many memories and experiences to ever forget the country. Part of me still lies in day soon I will go back, if only for a brief visit.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Changes Underway

I've decided to start blogging on a much more regular basis. The problem is I decided this right when I have no time. A few weeks ago I traveled to Manta. Then I toured Quito. Next was Montanita. All free time has been used to desperately catch up on my homework. So now I've decided that I really will blog on a more continual basis. The big news is that I may change sites from Blogger to a big more dynamic one that I am designing myself. Or perhaps I'll just have Blogger for posts and then feed these posts directly into my new site which will have all of my multimedia content on it. I've never designed a website before so we'll see how this goes...I'll keep you all informed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Ate Brains for Dinner

Lately I have not had the energy, time, or motivation to keep my blog as up to date as I'd like it to be. There has been a going on with Expomodels and I've been struggling to bring my grades to a 90+ average as per my Grandfather's orders. Demands may be a better word here, as if I do not maintain high grades the Grandfather pulls his support quicker than a Democratic in office would pull out of Iraq.

In other news- Rafeal Correa, esteemed President of Ecuador and Defender of the People, has decided that the country will abandon the Dollar and go back to the Sucre within a month. Words fail to express how stupid this move is.

In other more random news- I ate brains for dinner. No, really. Just five minutes ago I ate brain omelet. It wasn't bad, but neither was it good. My firm belief that God intended Man to eat the muscles of animals and nothing else still stands. The whole time I was chewing the brains, this song kept playing in my head and I can't seem to get rid of it, so I will share it will all of you. I'm hoping that this works like The Ring does and after I make you all listen to it I will be free of its terrible grasp.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Falling on Dogs

I have a new friend. She is probably the most innocent person in all of Ecuador and a so sweet you'll get a toothache just talking to her. Text messages from her are always in English and always funny, here's a more recent one, word-for-word, errors and all. She does speak surprisingly good English but...there is definitely room for improvement.

Today is such a horrible day, the bus i had to take didn't stop, an old man yelled me, and i fell on a dog in front of a lot of people! I'm not going to encourage u a lot to this...but have a nice day jaja there's always someone who's worse than u jaja

When I first received this message, I could not stop laughing. How does one fall on a dog? I messaged her back to find out. She replied with this-

I didn't see it! I fell over with someone's leg and that poor animal was in front of me and PLAS!!! No one helped me, everybody was making fun of me =<

In South America words to describe crashing, hitting, or dropping something are different from those used in the United States. I would call them comical. PLAS!!! definitely fits that description as do some others. My favorite, though, is "DOOKETY!". A man may be describing how a car ran over his friend by using this word yet I will still laugh like crazy. I mean, how does any boom, bang, crack, or clank make a sound like "DOOKETY"? Really, I want to know.

On a more serious note, it seems my friend was holding a human leg when she fell. Guess she's not the sweet little bundle of innocence I thought she was.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tengo Un Gato En Mis Pantelones

I found this funny video and thought I'd share it, as I don't have much time these days to write anything of substance. Exams are over Thursday...if I can just hold on till then... The best part of this video? The guy has a really bad farmer's tan. It makes me laugh. I actually have a friend who, just like the guy in this video, can spit out random phrases in Spanish. He is limited to such words as "gato" and "pantelones" but his combination of these words is truly endless. If he ever finds himself in a Mexican hospital with a rabid cat attacking him from inside his pants, he will be able to explain the situation masterfully.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Today I was on a bus, on the way to meet up with the guys from the modeling agency when I happened to notice a middle-aged overweight woman wearing a tight pink shirt. Now, this is not something out of the ordinary (unfortunately). What turned this slightly amusing scene into a truly hilarious one is when I noticed what the shirt said in plain English- "Daddy's Girl".